Rosepal Women 24 PCS Makeup Brush Sets


  • MULTIPLE MAKEUP BRUSHES: This set has great value and large capacity. Including 24 brushes, to meet your general daily makeup needs for the application. Great for makeup beginners and professional makeup lovers.
  • SOFT AND DENSE: Finer and softer than normal bristles. No irritation, mild to the skin, it can even be used on the baby’s skin. Dense bristles are easier to grab and blend cosmetics, perfect to apply your lotions, eye shadows, powders. Many buyers have been certified that our brushes without bristles shed and separation problems. Feel free to clean and use them.
  • DURABLE HANDLE: With conical handle, many buyers love these as they are easier to hold and use than other makeup brushes. With the quality of wood, we would like to offer you the best product experience. Non-slip, easy to grip for a long time.
  • NOTE: The new product will have some smell, please don’t worry that this is not from the bristles, but the glue at the connection of the brush rod. Please take out the brushes and put them in the air, the smell will disappear soon. Thanks for your support.
Rosepal Women 24 PCS Makeup Brush Sets
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